Agrilog provides full truck road transport services and logistic. We transport mainly goods in bulk by normal kippers, walkingfloors and silo. Also we transports full truck commodity (24 tons) and liquid commodity.Our network of reliable and hauliers from all over EU allows for flexible transport performance. We offer you help in commodity road transport in Poland, Germany, Czech Rep. Slovakia etc.

Our young and nice staff organize for you also reloads, storage, train forwarding and sea forwarding. Our harbour servieces we propose in Szczecin, 安inouj軼ie, Gdynia, Gda雟k, Dar這wo and Ko這brzeg, where is our mainly location.

To ensure the safety of your agriculture commodities transport we cooperate with hauliers who have GMP B4.1. certificate. We do our best to perform your orders on a high professional level at especially competitive rates. We are flexible to fit to different logistics systems existing at our customer.